Contemporating More Than Our Home

Contemporating More Than Our Home 0

When we started this blog, it was meant to document the change of our home from a weird, 3-level, stacked shoe box of a house into more of a contemporary family home. What we didn’t realize is that having two babies in two years and taking on 2 phases of renovating doesn’t exactly leave much(…)

Substantially Complete?

Substantially Complete? 3

You can always expect a renovation project to take longer and have more challenges than you or your contractor expect. That’s the lesson we’ve learned over the course of this project. We’ve had lots of happy, sad, disappointing and exciting moments but as the weeks drag out, we’re mostly just wanting our house and our(…)

Two Weeks Before Christmas

Two Weeks Before Christmas 1

Twas two weeks before Christmas, when all through the house, construction buzzed along as I missed my silly daughter and spouse. The new framing and lighting was hung in the loft with care, in hopes that Adelyn soon would sleep there. My girls were nestled at Grandma Nonnah & Ed’s, while visions of a new(…)

Plastic Coated Construction Zone

Plastic Coated Construction Zone 0

Since our window order was delayed until early December, we decided to push the start date for Phase Three¬†until after Thanksgiving. We originally planned to spend the holiday here preparing for construction, but that all changed when my mom passed away on November 20th. We quickly packed some clothes, the baby and our cat in(…)

Phase Three Begins

Phase Three Begins 2

When Amy and I first saw the listing for this house in August of 2011, we knew it was the one. The price was right, but it needed a lot of work and didn’t have a lot of room. I always like to describe the existing house as a stack of 3 shoe boxes. There(…)

I Mustache You For Cookies

I Mustache You For Cookies 2

We don’t always keep up with the trends, but apparently mustaches are “in” this year. Our friends Alvaro & Jessica (who we built bookshelves with recently) didn’t know that either when they picked the theme for their baby boys’ shower. Luckily, it made it easier for everyone who attended to find mustachey items. There were(…)

Designing a Bridal Shower

Designing a Bridal Shower 1

My baby sister is getting married, and although it’s not a house project, trust me when I say that there was plenty of DIY involved. From the favors, to the cake, to a custom recipe book, no detail was spared. The shower was co-hosted by my mom and between the two of us, we had(…)

Building a Look-alike Bookshelf

Building a Look-alike Bookshelf 7

Well hello there, it’s been a while. How are you? Amy and I have been so busy keeping up with Adelyn lately that we haven’t done much contemporating. We did recently tear out our broken firebox and cut a cat tunnel into a closet but we never made time to post about those things. The(…)

Poppin Tags

Poppin Tags 0

A lot has happened since our last post in mid-January but we haven’t taken the time to write about any of it. Our contractor finished up his work in February and we rushed to get the house settled enough to have a little 1st birthday party for Adelyn on March 9th. Since then, the pace(…)

Kitchen Timelapse

Kitchen Timelapse 1

When we started this blog, Amy and I had grand plans of posting daily (or at least weekly) updates about the progress on our addition. Well, the contractors are almost done and we’ve barely been able to get a post in each month. There are so many things we wish we could share here but(…)